Çocuklar İçin İngilizce Hikayeler
1 The Crooked Hyena
2 A talking bramble bush!
3 A warning to lion
4 A wolf in sheep's clothing – for supper
5 Banker and Pauper
6 Be careful who you make friends with!
7 Be carefull who you trust
8 Denzil tries to be a dog
9 Dogs and wolf don't mix
10 Donkey and Little Dog
11 Doubtful witnesses
12 Fooled by his own shadow
13 Frogs with no brains
14 Generous Lion
15 Hang on to your own bone
16 How the eagle lost his song
17 How to live in peace
18 How to stop the pain
19 How to win friends
20 Hungry Mouse
21 King Log
22 King must be clever
23 Lion's don't believe in sharing
24 Look before you eat
25 Mums usually know best
26 One question too many
27 rooster makes its last mistake
28 Stone Cutter
29 The Ant and the Grasshopper
30 The best fighters don't always win
31 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
32 The cobweb that was stronger than lion
33 The empty-headed wolf
34 The greedy lion goes hungry
35 The Magic Of Mushkil Gusha
36 The Miser
37 The rabbits get tired of living
38 The rights of ownership
39 The Snow Queen
40 The stupid generals
41 There's no escaping fate
42 There's no stopping a hungry wolf
43 Time and Love
44 Too clever for his own good
45 Two Frogs
46 Two Goats
47 Useless gold
48 Who is stronger?
49 Whose work is the hardest?
50 Wolf Plays The Flute
51 wolf puts his foot in it
52 Your money or your life
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